FaceBook Video Advertising is probably the cheapest way to reach the largest audience (Reach). It’s cheap method to get engagement and cheap video views. Some bolder businesses or individuals also take the next step – live video.

What’s the benefit of live streaming? It’s interactive real-time communication. This tool is effective and lets you reach a wide audience, and also engages with users by communication. Unfortunately, many businesses are reluctant to use this tool because they want to make sure that they appear professional and have a high quality video.

October 2, 2018 FaceBook presented news on video streaming. This news will essentially solve the “timid” problem. FaceBook Introduces Premieres. New Premiere Opportunities:

1. Prerecorded broadcast . It is a Premiere feature that lets you transmit a pre-made, high-quality video. This feature retains all the old broadcasting features.

2. Live Surveys . Great news to engage consumers and evaluate their opinions. Imagine running a prerecorded broadcast that compares multiple products, inserting a poll during the broadcast to find out which product viewers like the most.

3. Best Fans . The most active fans on the page will be starred. This is an additional incentive for consumers to communicate. The social ambassadors of your business become more prominent, encouraging others to get involved. This feature will work on fan pages with more than 10,000 users.

How to use it in practice?
A pre-made video report cycle, e.g. 10 videos, with looped video streaming, e.g. once a week. Engage – Create live surveys. Well, for everything to work smoothly, we need traffic, so we’re putting on FaceBook advertising. The results: high quality live streaming, Story telling advertising over 10 video cycles, and good user engagement.

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