Only qualitatively applied tools - play harmonious advertising music
Only qualitatively applied tools - play harmonious advertising music
Google Ads, FaceBook, Bing, Newsletters, Conversion Rate Optimization...
Higher Your Marketing Level!
Higher Your Marketing Level!
Don't rely solely on words, demand proof...

AdWords Advertising

Long term Google AdWords advertising strategies. Implementation, optimization, maintenance.

FaceBook Advertising

FaceBook Advertising Services for Business - Visual Advertising Format + Target Audience + CRO = Business Goals!

Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising is an additional advertising channel for lower conversion costs and additional conversions.


CRO - Improving Website Quality, A/B Testing - for more queries (conversion rate optimization).

Newsletter Administration Services

Newsletter Administration Services - A/B Testing, Subscriber Collection, Newsletter Templates, KPI Targeting.

Marketing Algorithms + Strategies

Unique marketing strategies and their implementation. We have unique marketing tools that significantly increase sales.

Do you need?

✓ Effective marketing?
✓ Increase sales?
✓ Are you an honest business and looking for the same advertising agency?
✓ Transparent cooperation?
✓ Quality reports?
✓ Are you able to pay for the services in time and you want to get work on time?
✓ Improve your company's image?
✓ A long-term marketing partner?

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Company experience (years)


In collaboration with Fortema, we have achieved significantly better sales results and positions in the market in just three months, and the next few months have even hit the top ever improving the previous result (total sales revenue in Adwords increased + 643.04%), reducing the total cost of conversion (down by -32% in half a year). We are happy to cooperate and recommend this company as a successful Google Adwords business partner.
Julius Baltrėnas

Julius Baltrėnas

Director of Bilaro

We have quality products and lighting solutions. Before we did the marketing ourselves, but this company exceeded expectations and now with the same marketing budget, we get about 5 times more queries.
Gintaras Naviera

Gintaras Naviera

Director of Šviesos technologijos

Not sure what marketing tool to choose? Let's start with Google AdWords!

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