How to increase sales

1. Try the 100 cold call tactics.

Make a cycle of one hundred cold calls. Keep an eye on the statistics – how many calls you made, what quality (percentage of leads, curiosity, percentage of malicious refusals, etc.). The final analysis should give you a clear picture of what words are most engaging to your new customers and how to speak. Overcome your fears and take the cold calling approach. Of course, there are such services provided by third parties (call centers).How to increase sales

2. Drive customer loyalty.

This can be done through a variety of tools – remarketing, loyalty discounts, newsletter subscriptions, special offers, exclusive attention, free events…

3. Your user portrait.

Be clear about the age, interests, place of residence, etc. of users. Identify exactly what problems your customers are facing and how you are solving them. By knowing your customers and their problems, you can improve your product, service, adaptability, and further improve the user experience and satisfaction.
Hereinafter, in advertising communication, managers or service providers must clearly know and communicate this information. For example, in advertising, the message should focus on what problems you are solving. Similarly, the manager or executive should not focus on hours worked or call volume, but should focus on the end customer himself and solve his problems. It is a long-term strategy of the company, which allows to increase the sales of the company.

4. The right price.

What is the right price? Cheapest price? The most expensive price? Average? In fact, pricing is a very important factor. And every company follows a different strategy. Let’s say if your products and service are of the highest quality, the price should be high. If your business strategy is to sell as many goods as possible, even with a small margin, to serve them as quickly as possible, your price must probably be average or low. When you are choosing a business partner, such as an advertising agency, you also need to consider your needs and choose your online advertising partner accordingly.

5. Offer something really valuable – for free.

This tactic works when you are little known in the market, you are a reasonably priced service, a commodity to the consumer, but of very high quality. Therefore, without initial trust, customers often have fears about buying an expensive but unknown product. Therefore, one of the best tools is to give your potential customers something truly valuable and completely free. This will be an opportunity to inform consumers about the quality of your product and make them trust you.

6. Cross selling.

This is the method you use to increase your average shopping cart. Suppose you have an online store and the average user basket is 15 EUR. Below the item description, you can display related items or other items purchased by others along with the item you are currently viewing. Let’s say if you sell a new camera, so let’s offer the user to buy an extra battery (spare).

7. Personalization.

If you can automate your sales process or have a professional sales managers, try to personalize your sales process as much as possible. e.g. if you know that a particular client likes to spend time in nature, then put your travel’s agency offer for him – where he can go to the beautiful nature and peaceful relaxation place rather than parties and nightclubs on the beach. And the deeper you go into the details, the deeper you will understand the user’s needs, the more effective the personalized offer will be.
Another very simple example is personalized dynamic remarketing.

8. Effective Advertising Online – Google AdWords Advertising.

A classic but unequivocally effective way of promoting sales is Google advertising. AdWords advertising allows you to pay only when a user clicks on the ad, or pay only when a user has bought your product (pay for a new customer). Google advertising is much more than advertising on Google search. It is also a GDN (Google Display Network) ad that helps you reach your customers, even through major news sites. And also the ability to reach new customers via GMail or the YouTube advertising network. There are a variety of strategies and tools available, and the best thing to do is to contact a professional online advertising agency that will save you time, money and bring you good results.

9. Social networks and advertising.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin posting and targeting paid advertising.

10. Ask for recommendations from existing clients.

Corporations like life insurance companies often use this sales method. For example, When you sign up for life insurance, you are asked to provide a list of recommended clients to whom the life insurance service might be relevant. Who could be interested in this service.

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