History & activities:
The date of foundation of Fortema is considered 14 February 2014. The main services provided are marketing solutions for small, medium and large companies. We apply unique marketing strategies, use our own developed technical and visual advertising systems, which allow us to achieve significantly better results.

We work in Asian, American, European and African markets. We can help attract customers to the local market, such as India. Or, we can help you get out of the international market with your product. Attract you new customers.

The company carries out continuous training courses, experiments, tests, development of new systems. We have not only a bunch of certificates, but we are more practical. With customers who dare to invest extra, we are testing new marketing systems. Some of these successful tests have become an additional service for the following customers.

Our mission:
JSC “Fortema” company aims to maintain and improve the status of a strong marketing partner, expand into new markets, and offer the latest marketing solutions.

Goals and values:
The basis for cooperation is always the highest quality, the most honest and lasting partnership. We strive for quality of work and customers, not quantity.