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The “influencer marketing” method, existing for at least a few years, is still a novel discovery for some businesses. An influencer is often referred to as a influential person who has a large following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks. Such individuals usually have gathered a specific audience – marketing, parenting, fishing, gaming, sports, automobile enthusiasts, or other audiences. These individuals are engaging to consumers due to their content. Occasionally, advertisers (advertising agencies or brands) knock on the doors of influencers. The goal of these businesses, in exchange for money or product, is to have their content featured on the influencer’s feed. Often, such advertising is effective because there is a specific, loyal audience that trusts the products recommended by the influencer. However, not all brands have the constant availability (in terms of cost) or reason to advertise too frequently on the same person’s feed. So…

How to Utilize Influencer Advertising Multiple Times? Or How to Capture a Portion of This Audience?

Share the Post. This is the simplest way. A well-known person shared your product? Why not share it on your business’s feed (“re-share” the post)? This enhances trust in the brand. And don’t forget to compose a cheerful message conveying how happy you are to be able to delight the well-known individual (the influencer) with your product.

Reuse Screenshots in Future Posts. Take a screenshot and you can use it in the future, for instance, creating advertisements that show your product is liked by an internet-famous person. It’s similar to using a post from the “reviews” section in another stage of communication. You can share this post on multiple social media platforms and your website.

Influencer audienceInfluencer Audience Remarketing. This is a very technical but effective aspect. You can build remarketing audiences for each individual influencer and use them again, even multiple times! It won’t necessarily match the primary sharing in size since it’s for remarketing, but there won’t be the use of the influencer’s name. However, it will be a purposeful audience that has visited your website, known as the first brand engagement.

The gathered remarketing audience can be effectively utilized on platforms like Facebook, Google Ads – for remarketing.

Steps to Build an Influencer Audience:

    1. Create a page on your website, for instance, In this file, you need to perform the following programming and embedding actions:

– Embed the Google Analytics code.
– Embed the “Facebook pixel” code.
– Perform redirection to the final product page, e.g.,

  1. Add your devised UTM parameters to the redirection link
  2. Use link shorteners that also track statistics. For instance, the link can be shortened using the system.
  3. Send a brief product description to the influencer, from which they’ll gather information to compose a message, and also provide a shortened link to the product (e.g.,
  4. Create separate remarketing lists through Google AdWords and Facebook advertising systems, which can be segmented based on the pre-defined UTM parameters.

So, we see that your investment in influencer marketing doesn’t have to end with just one or a few messages. Marketing is ingenious and effective – only if you activate the “engine” of thinking!

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