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Google has informed digital advertising agencies and other individuals (Google AdWords advertising users) that as of July 1, 2021, GMail advertising (GSP) will cease to exist. This type of advertising was changed at least several times – advertising formats, targeting methods, etc. One of the most effective tools was the ability to advertise on a list of domains (for example, by entering the domains of competitors or potential customers), and another effective way of advertising was keyword targeting. From mid-2021, GMail advertising campaigns will not be allowed to use anymore. Who will replace it?

Discovery Ad – new, will replace the old ad type

The Discovery advertising type is already available. This method of advertising includes everything – GMail advertising, YouTube advertising, social networks, etc. Google seems to be taking steps closer to Facebook’s advertising strategy, where the advertising platform gathers the data and interests of most users, “captures” the intentions a person needs, and then delivers relevant advertising from an adaptive format. In other words, no matter where the consumer is browsing or what they want, advertising should reach this user anywhere and with an accurate message, according to the user’s needs. The journey is towards more precise personalization in advertising.

Reklamos tikslai

Key benefits of Discovery advertising:
– One ad – adapts to all ad networks (by size and formats).
– Ad will be noticed on social networks, videos, e-mails letters, portals and small websites.
– Ability to broadcast for an unlimited or fixed conversion price.
– Advertising goals – sales promotion, leads generation, brand awareness.
– Audiences (custom intent, remarketing, hobby, and other lists).

How can I optimize Discovery for Google advertising?

How can I optimize my Discovery campaigns on the Google Ads Platform? The process is reminiscent of the classic methods of optimizing Google display network campaigns (GDN) and GMail advertising, which is still valid today. The basic principles are: the editing of captions, texts and images. Creating and editing different audience lists. E.g. you can create different custom intent audiences for different keywords (at least 10 are recommended). Conversion price adjustment.

Does the new Google Ads tool mean more effective advertising?

In part, yes and no. Tested on a case-by-case basis. With GMail advertising typically, small markets have small target audiences. As a result, Discovery has significantly higher reach (up to 2.9 billion worldwide), targeted audiences through a variety of channels, and more targeted audiences as the ad targeting algorithm seeks to discover your new customers based on their existing needs and actions (Reach increases).

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