Medium or large e-commerce businesses often have enough advertising budgets to test and discover the most effective advertising audiences. FaceBook Advertising is characterized by the accuracy and variety of advertising. There are dozens and hundreds of audience targeting variations – combining advertising settings. In fact, to get the best ROI, you need to create an ad group or campaign for each variation. Each audience needs to get a share of the traffic, gather statistics, and then measure. This requires a large budget. Actually reducing advertising costs can be achieved by optimizing your campaign budgets (CBO Campaign Strategy).
FaceBook marketing strategy One of the most effective audiences often is – Lool A Like, plus combined with other audiences. Great! Often, we know that it is an effective audience, but to create a LAL (Look A Like), we need to have a primary audience or a primary customer list. This requires a large budget. Let’s say your ecommerce ad has a conversion rate of 1%. This means that out of 100 ad clicks, we will receive only one customer and his email address. At least a few hundred or thousands of buyers are needed to create the most accurate and effective LAL audience for FaceBook advertising. How does small business can get that amount of customers without a budget? The way out is!
First of all, you should create a separate landing page to distribute the coupons. To get a voucher coupon or a partial shopping voucher, it is enough to input an email. Typically, coupon pages draw 10 times more contacts than a shopping page. That means we’ll need up to 10 times less advertising budget to gather LAL audience and to successfully advertise with this LAL audience!
It’s not all! We can still create separate remarketing lists and re-run ads or send emails to reminde of unused coupon. Ex. in our case, an advertising message that prompted shopping “The last day to use 5 EUR coupon!”
That way, with a low advertising budget, we’ve achieved up to 10 times more effective advertising returns! We reminded users of the unused promotional coupon and applied direct product advertising to the created LAL audience.
This strategy is suitable for small businesses, start-ups, or those who are more inclined to invest in FaceBook advertising. However, it is not recommended to use this strategy in business who sell luxury goods, because applying discount coupons on luxury goods will emotionally reduce the value of the goods. In such cases, you should choose the opposite FaceBook advertising strategy. We also apply completely different advertising strategies to large businesses.

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