While browsing the site, we collect various data about you – geolocation, cookies, IP address from which you came from, your browser data, tracking conversions, and various actions. If you perform any action on a website, we will record it. We use all the data for marketing purposes (eg.  AdWords advertising) or improving the quality of the website for better browsing . We do not apply very aggressive marketing principles (only normal advertising, such as non-aggressive remarketing). Various data is stored for up to two years. We record data during a website visit or any action.

Cookie name: Expiration:
__atuvc 1 year
__atuvs 1 day
_ga 2 years
_gid 2 days
bcookie 2 years
lang unlimited / disabled browser
lidc 1 day
loc 1 year
mus 1 year
uid 1 year
PREF 2 years
YSC unlimited / disabled browser
1P_JAR 1 month
NID 6 months
uvc 1 year
datr 2 years
dpr 7 – 8 days
fr 3 months
reg_ext_ref unlimited / disabled browser
reg_fb_gate unlimited / disabled browser
reg_fb_ref unlimited / disabled browser
sb 2 years
wd 7 – 8 days

The number and names of cookies may change due to dynamics and system changes. While browsing the site, you agree that all data is collected not only at the site level of the site you are browsing, but also for the various other system plugins used by FaceBook.com, Google products (Analytics.Google.com, AdWords.Google.com, YouTube.com), Twitter .com, LinkedIn.com or others

You have the right to delete your cooked cookies at any time. Removal is individual in each browser, so you should look for this information in the help section of your browser.

While browsing, you agree to the privacy policies of external systems:

For further information or assistance, please contact us.

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