1. A clear, accurate, high-quality headline.
The Google search banner is one of the most important parts of Google’s AdWords advertising (now Google Ads). If you are engaging with the user in the headline, then it is only possible that the user will read all or part of the ad and click on it. Use the keyword and the most important fact or advantage in the header.
2. Keywords are not just in the headline but in the description text.
It is imperative to use keywords in the text, in the headline, which visually attracts the user’s attention, improves the Quality Score of the ad and reduces the cost of the ad.
3. Include product / service benefits.
Be sure to include in your ad description the benefits of your service, the product, what the user gets after purchasing the product, and what problem it solves.
4. Write about your customers, not yourself.
In your ad text, instead of “We sell X service,” write “Get Y’s benefit by subscribing to Z service.” Talk about customers, not yourself.
5. What makes you better than your competitors?
Take a look at what text your Google AdWords advertising uses for your competitors. Pay attention to the benefits of the products. When you purify your audience, make the best of others in your ad text. Don’t push it too much, it should look solid, ethical and with the right information.
6. Invite the user to an action.
Make sure you include a call to action in your ad. For example, “Shop online”, “Call for consultation” and more. Better yet, include encouragement by limiting your time – “Shop today! Sale ends Friday. ”
7. Specify price or not?
Some businesses use the method of not publishing the price of the product, which is provided by the manager when the consumer contacts. The purpose of this promotion is to get a request and negotiate with potential customers in the following stages. However, if your price is competitive in terms of quality and price, the phrase “Now products from XX euros” can be applied.
8. Use numbers and statistics.
Numbers, Stats, Percentages – Allows you to differentiate advertising ads qualitatively. Most often, the figures are strong facts and advantages over competitors. Also, numbers and percentages are a more visually appealing part of the text. As a result, the quality of Google AdWords advertising ads improves and the cost of advertising decreases.
9. Think of your target audience.
Think from the perspective of your clients. What are they thinking? What problems are you facing? And how can your product solve these problems? Use the following information in your ad descriptions.
10. Be very specific.
Be specific in your AdWords ad and go deeper into the situation. For example, instead of “Conducting AdWords Training,” you can use “Within 5 hours. get certified and learn 3 different AdWords strategies!”.

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