FaceBook Company Announces New Indicators for Measuring Ad Performance. So far, the quality of the banner was measured by Relevance score. As of April 30, 2019, FaceBook turns off this indicator and six more metrics. Relevance scores will be replaced by three new indicators – Quality ranking, Engagement rate ranking, Conversion rate ranking.

In FaceBook Advertising practice, we have noticed that Relevance scores does not reflect real quality in quite a few cases. So breaking up into three new indicators is great news. We hope that the new indicators will work better than before one. The main problem was that the quality of the audience, engagement and conversions was integrated into one indicator. Essentially, these are three different parameters, and when they are combined, they often did not reflect real data.

An example – a wide audience and a more entertaining message can have high Relevance scores but no conversions. Users are easily involved in entertainment messages, but there are often no benefits from this. Conversions are not generated or the audience reache is too wide. Below is a Quality score of 8 for a single project, but it was a shared for wide audience and it was a greeting with an international celebration:

That means we have a lot of engagements in this case, we have a high quality score, but there is no real benefit (no conversions).

Other indicators that will be disabled and will no longer work are Offers Saved, Cost Per Offers Saved, Messaging Replies, Cost Per Messaging Replies, Mobile Purchase ROAS, Web Purchase ROAS.

Three new ad indicators will replace Relevance score:

Quality ranking: The quality of advertising compared to ads competing in the same audience.
Engagement rate ranking: The quality of engagement compared to ads competing in the same audience.
Conversion rate ranking: Ad conversion rate compared to ads with the same optimization target and competing in the same audience.

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