Stop coronavirus technology

Stop coronavirus technologyWith the opening of social networks, news portals: the only news and all traffic is – corona-news. Basically, it affects people with weaker nerves and creates additional fears. The Corona News has taken over people’s minds and lives. But how can the Internet and IT technology help to beat the coronavirus?
We can say that one person – equal to one mobile phone. Mobile phones have GPS, internet connection and other mechanisms. This means that if a person walks down the street, he or she can be traced.
Technological opportunity number one – companies like Google or Facebook would have the opportunity to contribute to coronavirus protection. Google is following the phone’s trajectory in one or another way.

All you need to do is install the Google Maps or Facebook gadget update where:
1. As soon as you know you have a coronavirus, you have to mark red-flag your mobile phone. Finally, we can see a general map of the movement of people.
2. The government or medics should have the separate access to confirm the moving trajectories of specific people (because persons can mark red-flag even without being ill).
3. People who were close to the sick could also be traced. Those people may already be carrying the virus without knowing it. Or at least it would be clear that they were in a separate risk group because they were near a sick person.
Nowadays, almost everyone goes with mobile phones in theis hands. Why can’t technology help save people’s lives?

What it would bring to us:
– Quarantine and self-isolation would become more controlled and digitized.
– We should probably need fewer coronavirus tests.
– Such a solution would work locally and globally.

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